Our Approach And Philosophy

At Casa Mia, we recognise that the children are influenced by things around them and interact with everything socially, emotionally, with language, creatively, physically and mentally. For ease of communication we name this process educating the whole child. Educating the whole child is necessary to give them the opportunity to reach their full potential. The children, staff and parents work collaboratively to create a dynamic learning environment underpinned by the values of:

Our School – What Makes Us Different?


At Casa Mia we know that children learn despite us; we know the quality of the learning is dependent on the quality and intensity of our children’s relationships with their environments; we know the children need to be active, need numerous experiences of the same things; need consistent modelling from others around them and repeated opportunities to apply and practice.

We know when real learning takes place, the children will want to be independent; will be truthful; be fair and just; strive to be open and accountable; be consistent and reliable; will want to keep learning and always pursue their personal best whilst being cooperative; will be accepting of everyone’s talents and differences and care for the environment in which they live.

Key School Policies

Casa Mia has a number of policies and procedures that provide for the safety of our children, staff and parents as well as sound management and organisation of the School.

The Policies and Procedures are approved by the Casa Mia Montessori School Board. Parents or guardians may request a copy of  these documents from the School Office.

Our Board Of Governance


A school where the children are supported to learn and encouraged to think independently and responsibly.


To provide a sustainable, safe and caring school

Casa Mia Montessori Community School is a private, independent school operated by Casa Mia Montessori Community School Inc. (the association) and is registered with both the Department of Education and the Department of Commerce.

The Association is a non-profit association, incorporated in Western Australia. All parents and legal guardians who have signed their child’s enrolment form and are up to date with fee payments, are members. The School is governed in accordance with the Rules of Association by the Governing Board who are elected from among the members at the Annual General Meeting.

The Rules of Association are available from the School Office or alternatively you may wish to download a PDF version from PUBLICATIONS.

The role of the Board is to oversee the medium- and long-term strategic direction of the School. It meets monthly during the academic year to discuss strategic issues and to monitor financial and other governance matters. Board members are also assigned to one or more of the working committees according to their particular skills.

Principal's Welcome

Dear Prospective Parents,

Imagine a school that helps children to become creative innovators, communicators and leaders without the use of tests and competition. It exists and it is called Casa Mia.

At Casa Mia, the education programme fosters hands on, self-paced, collaborative and enjoyable learning experiences. We pride ourselves in creating learning environments for our children to interact with and on. They start in our Children’s House, with small simple steps increasing in difficulty, experiment, problem solve and with a sense of control and independence are impelled to find out and learn more. Our children thrive in the structured, relaxed and stimulating environment, and this, together with our extensive curriculum and well qualified, passionate teaching staff, is the key to the successes of the Casa Mia children.

Success is subjective but for those who are interested, the school’s NAPLAN results exceed the national standards and around 50% of our graduates attain positions in specialist programmes at various high schools.

What is of more importance to us is the growth of the whole child and while emphasis is firmly placed on high academic standards, the need for social abilities and emotional strength is considered more important. We cannot confidently predict the skills our children will need in the future. Our world is in its fourth revolution; agricultural, industrial, computer and now digital. We do know that rapid change is inevitable, particularly socially. These changes make it harder to understand and creatively adapt to our environment. The single most important thing to teach our children is how to remain open to change, be constantly ready and willing to learn new things and master new technologies. We encourage our children to participate in all school activities and challenge themselves endlessly. Parents are invited to lend their support in all areas of our children’s education.

To fully appreciate Casa Mia and all it has to offer your child, we invite you to visit us and experience its unique ambience for yourself.

We look forward to sharing our lovely school with you.

Janet Laing


School Facilities

Casa Mia is ideally located and well appointed. Discover the unique facilities on offer to your child at Casa Mia.