After Casa Mia

Casa Mia graduates move on to various high schools, both private and public.

An average of around 50% of our graduates go into specialised programmes in the public schools.

How do the children adjust coming from a small school like Casa Mia?

Going to high school is a big step and is overwhelming for any primary child. At Casa Mia we empower our children by focusing on the development of their social and emotional skills.This enables our children to adjust easily to any change they encounter when attending other schools. The Upper Primary class is managed as a middle school setting with the children building up their executive function skills in preparation for the next level of independence.

High schools are well versed in providing comprehensive orientation programmes, homeroom structures and pastoral care initiatives to help students adjust to their new environment.

Many of our Casa Mia children miss the opportunity to play and socialise across the age-groups as they are used to doing with us.

Will my child be able to handle the workload?

Our Casa Mia children are very used to purposeful work and will organise themselves to meet expectations and deadlines. They have learnt to communicate well and advocate for themselves ensuring they transition seamlessly. Where our children really shine is when they can unleash their creativity during open-ended tasks. It is the ability to think creatively, innovatively and to think ‘out of the box’ that really makes Casa Mia children stand out from the crowd. There is something quite different about Casa Mia children and they’re highly valued because of that difference.

Will my child be ready to take on leadership roles

Casa Mia children can be leaders at the end of each cycle; in the sports carnival and on various other occasions. Through their environmental studies and experiences living in a community our children develop a very strong sense of social justice and environmental accountability which continues long after they’ve left Casa Mia. Casa Mia children are well prepared to observe and take care of others; to recognise rights and take up responsibilities and to advocate to bring about change. If they have a mind to do so, they are well prepared to take up the mantle of leadership.

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