Introducing the Casa Mia Scholarships

Empowering children from all backgrounds

***2021 - No scholarships are available until further notice***

Casa Mia is a place where children experience hands on, self-paced, collaborative and enjoyable learning experiences starting with small simple steps increasing in difficulty, experimenting and problem solving on the way, leading to a sense of control and independence that impels them to find out and learn more.

We are launching the Casa Mia Scholarships for children who have demonstrated a leaning for learning, who would not otherwise be able to attend our school.

Typically the children will:

  • Would not ordinarily be able to attend Casa Mia based on their current financial situation
  • contribute to the cultural diversity and community of Casa Mia


  • Exhibit a deep curiosity, engagement and wonder in the world
  • Are positive contributors to the communities they are part of
  • Demonstrate emerging scholarship Casa Mia can help cultivate.


A Scholarship offers full remission of school tuition fees.

Click here for the Scholarship Policy and Procedures.