April 2020 

Dear Families, 

We are embarking on an unprecedented journey together; we are transitioning our entire school from a hands-on learning community focused on face to face relationships to virtual relationships.  

We know there are going to be times when it will be difficult and marked with unexpected hiccups.  

We also know it is an incredible opportunity to rally together in the interest of public health, to link arms (virtually) and to show ourselves, our children and the world that our community is bigger and stronger than the walls of Casa Mia. 

OUR GOALS FOR CasaMia@home 

  1. CONTINUE ACADEMIC GROWTH: all our children will have the opportunity continue learning and growing while away from the Casa Mia campus 
  1. SUPPORT A STRONG FAMILY SYSTEM: all our families will feel like they have the right level of guidance; enough to keep their children engaged and learning independently but not too much that it feels overwhelming and unmanageable. 
  1. SUSTAIN CONNECTION AND WELL-ROUNDED GROWTH: all our children and their teachers will maintain a strong connection during CasaMia@home and in this way, support continuing social and emotional growth. 
  1. FACILITATE COMMUNITY WELL-BEING: Our hope is that all our children, families and staff will look back on this difficult time and feel like they were part of a supportive and loving community that took care of each other. 

Keep well and in touch, 

Janet and the Casa Mia staff 

Based on the goals of CasaMia@home, this is an example of a well-rounded schedule we are recommending to our families (although we know that it will look very different from home to home). 

 Sample Daily schedule for the child 



HOW: 5-12year olds 

HOW: 3-5-year olds 

Before 8.00am 

Morning routine 

(Practical life) 

Make bed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, put pyjamas away 

8.00 – 8.25 

Morning Nature walk 

(connection time) 

Family walk, yoga/calm indoor exercise if it is raining 

8.25 – 11.00 

Academic time 

(core subjects – numeracy and literacy) 

Complete individualised Seesaw assignments/packet 

11.00 -12.00 

Creative time 

(Art/music/drama – culture) 

Lego, drawing, crafting, painting, play/listen to music, cooking, baking, gardening 

12.00 – 1.00 


Help with lunch tasks 

(setting the table, meal preparation, picking up/washing own dishes, sweeping etc) 

1.00 – 1.30 

Chore time 

See age appropriate chart  

See age appropriate Chore chart 

Rest time 

1.30 – 2.00 

Quiet time 

(read aloud/ independent reading) 

Independent reading, puzzles, writing, research  


2.00 – 3.00 

Academic time  

(core areas – numeracy and literacy) 

Complete individualised assignments/packet or self-chosen work if finished with assignments 

Upload to Seesaw 

Chore time 

Practical life 

See age appropriate chore chart 

3.00 – 5.00 

Afternoon Fresh Air 

(PE/ afternoon snack) 

Bikes, walk the dog, play outside, board/card games, own choice if it is raining 



Help with dinner tasks (setting the table, meal prep, picking up/washing own dishes etc) 

6.00 – 7.30 

Free TV time 

Age appropriate movie or TV show 

7.30 – 8.00 

Bedtime routine 

(practical life) 

Bath/shower, brush teeth, read a bedtime  



All children 



All children who follow the daily schedule and don’t argue and complain😊 


We recommend each family work out their schedule and display it on the fridge or easily accessible spot. 


In the  academic blocks, the staff are expecting this amount of academic work per day, based on age levels: 



Approximate amount of Academic work per day 

Koomal PreK  and K (3- and 4-year olds) 

1.5 hours  

Koomal Preprimary 

2 hours 

Karak  6,7 and 8year olds 

3 hours 

Maali 9,10,11-year olds 

4-6 hours 


Here is a list of the daily assignments broken down by age level: 



Goal – at least 1.5-2 hrs of academic work per day 

A weekly plan will be sent out by Sunday evening. 

3yrs old 

4yrs old 

5yrs old 

Watch Todays’ Connection Video ( -5mins) 

5 videos per week posted by 8.30am 

Lee and James will produce and post a brief video to maintain connection and connectivity 




Numeracy Activity – with a response 





Literacy activity– with a response 




Reading activity 




Practice ‘handwriting’   




Cultural ( science, geography, art etc) on Thursdays 




Physical Education – Fridays  




Technology – Fridays 









Goal – at least 3 hours of academic work per day 

A weekly plan will be sent out by Sunday evening 

1st year 

2nd year 

3rd year 

Watch daily connection video  

5 videos per week posted by 8.30am 

Yogini and James will produce and post a brief video to maintain connection and community 




Complete daily journal posted on Seesaw 




Maths tasks for the day 




Reading and comprehension tasks for the day 




English studies for the day – grammar, word study 




Spelling tasks for the day 




Australian studies 




Physical education – Fridays 




Technology – Fridays 







Goal – at least 4-6 hours of academic work per day 

A weekly plan to be sent out by Sunday night. 


1st year 

2nd year 

3rd year 

Watch daily connection on Zoom at 9.00 and 1.00 

9.00 Discussion of the four tasks for the day 

1.00 Link up 




English -spelling, grammar, comprehension, writing 




Maths number, geometry, chance and data, geometry and measurement 




Practical life once a week 




Physical Education – Fridays 




Technology – Fridays 




CasaMia@home relies heavily on the use of technology. We have chosen to use the Seesaw app because it has a track-record of benefiting children and two of our classes/staff had experience using the app.  

The app enables our teachers to deliver: 

  • specific learning tasks from afar  
  • simultaneously allows adaptation to the children’s individual levels 
  •  in continuous flow  


  • to check in with the children daily 
  • to directly support the children 
  • to monitor their  progress 
  • and give effective feedback 

helping the teachers to focus on the important work of delivering learning programmes efficiently and effectively. 

 We also believe the use of technology during the ‘academic time’ of the schedule will allow parents and carers to focus more on their children during the other parts of the day such as getting physical activities together; preparing meals together and attending to the chores. 


The Federal funding provided to Casa Mia towards the education of the compulsory education years – pre-primary to  Yr6 is subject to attendance. 

Casa Mia is also provided with funding for Kindergarten children which also subject to attendance. 

Teachers will be keeping a record of attendance through the tasks the children submit each day via the Seesaw app. 

 How CasaMia@home works 

 Each classroom has its own Seesaw account.  

Teachers will use email to inform families of the weekly schedule and Seesaw to inform families and students of the daily tasks. 

Where possible, the tasks are designed to be completed  independently. 

Tasks will be assigned in the core academic areas of mathematics and literacy. 

There will be other tasks in a variety of additional areas including PE and technology. 

 When children complete their work, they will be informing the teacher via a photo or voice recording or video as requested. 

 Check ins: 

Each teacher will post a checkin video (Koomal and Karak) ; conference meeting on Zoom (Maali) on each school day. 

Tasks will be posted to Seesaw by 8.30am each day. 

Teachers will be available to check in via Seesaw or email from 9 – 3 each school day.  


Teachers will strive to help each child and family receive the amount of time, interaction and support they need. 


Resource packages 

Sets of resource packages have been prepared by each class teacher to complement the Seesaw activities. 

These packages will be available from Casa Mia Office on the Friday before the start of term. 

Parents are requested not to utilise the resources before the teachers give the instructions. The teachers have carefully planned ten-week programmes which will match the children’s needs. In these early and primary years, children need small frequent bites, reflection time and numerous repetitions.  


Getting started on Seesaw 

During the Induction week, teachers sent out the family and student QR codes with instructions on how to log in. The teachers and children practiced using the apps. in the induction week. 

The school community is ready for the commencement of Term 2 on CasaMia@home. 


Staying in touch socially 


One of the biggest challenges in this period of physical distancing, is the isolation of our naturally social children. 


Casa Mia has set up a private Facebook site. On this site, staff post various items ranging from: 

  • Challenges for the children to take up and report on 
  • Ideas for activities 
  • Staff reading stories for the children  
  • Gentle reminders 
  • Photos of children’s activities shared by families – send photographs and descriptions to Kate or Janet  

admin@casamiamontessori.wa.edu.au or principal@casamiamontessori.wa.edu.au  to be posted on the private Facebook site or post to Facebook Janet Laing. (You will have to friend Janet first) 

Each class has a Class Liaison person. They are always available to answer questions, touch base with, and keep the social circles going. 

If you are unsure of who your class liaison is, please contact Kate on admin@casamiamontessori.wa.edu.au and she will put you in touch. 


Frequently Asked Questions

CasaMia@home FAQs 

Is my child expected to wear school uniform? 

No, the children are not expected to wear the school uniform during this time. However, attire and working space needs to be appropriate. The normal expectations and standards of the Code of Conduct and school behaviour expectations still apply. 

Wearing the uniform shirt during the ‘academic session’ may help the children to get into the mode. 


What if my child is sick? 

Participation of funded and kindergarten children will be recorded each day. If your child is sick, notify the teacher via email that your child will not be participating in lessons that day. 


Will my child still complete regular assessments? 

Although this would occur very rarely, if the children are required to complete assessments online, parents are requested to allow their children to complete these assessments independently and without prompting. 


How do I view my child’s learning programme? 

A weekly outline will be sent out on Sundays via email. 

A daily outline will be posted on Seesaw. 


How does my child use Seesaw and Zoom? 

All families engaged with Casa Mia during the induction week on Seesaw. 

The Maali children all engaged with Zoom during the induction week. 


What if I have poor internet connection? 

Your home internet connection cannot be improved by Casa Mia, but a few actions that may help are: 

  • Improve your bandwidth by reducing the usage of other services during ‘academic time’ (i.e. Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, TikTok etc) 
  • Contact your internet provider to increase your plan speed 
  • Turn off video during video call (Zoom) and use audio only. 


How do I seek help? 

Parents can contact teachers via email. Students can contact their teacher via Seesaw. 






Koomal Student Agreement 

 Be sure to check in with Lee or James on Seesaw each day by commencing with the daily message and posting a response. 


Lee will be available via email – lee@casamiamontessori.wa.edu.au  and on Seesaw between 9 – 3 Monday to Thursday. 

James will be available on Fridays via email – james@casamiamontessori.wa.edu.au and on Seesaw between 9-3 on Fridays. 


Lee will provide feedback via Seesaw.  

Please only upload what has been requested in the format requested. 


School rights and responsibilities still apply whilst you are working from home – remember to use courteous and polite language. Please do not enter chat rooms or share school activities and resources on social media. 

When you are participating in a video call, you need to address appropriately (no pyjamas) and in a suitable working space (not your bedroom) 

We highly recommend you wear you school shirt when you are working on school tasks. 


Unless you are sick, you are expected to complete and upload the required tasks for the day. 


Karak and Maali Student Agreement 

 Be sure to check in with Yogini, Clare or James each morning and check the days tasks. 


Your teachers will be available on Seesaw and via email  9-3 each school day. 

Yogini – yogini@casamiamontessori.wa.edu.au 

Clare – clare@casamiamontessori.wa.edu.au 

James – james@casamiamontessori.wa.edu.au  on Fridays 


Clare or James are available online for 2hours each day (9-10 and 1-2) for Maali. 


Only upload what your teacher has requested and, in the format requested. Make sure, if it is a picture, it is clear so your teacher can mark it. 


School rights and responsibilities still apply whilst you are working from home – remember to use kind, courteous and polite language and only use Seesaw and Zoom for schoolwork. 


If you are preparing for a video call, you need to be addressed appropriately (no pyjamas) and in a suitable working space (not your bedroom). We highly recommend you wear your school shirt at these times. 


Parents may assist and support you with your work, but it is important that you attempt your work independently so that your teacher can provide you with valuable feedback. 


Unless you are sick, you are expected to complete and upload the required tasks for each day.  


Off-site Technology Expectations 

Be kind and considerate 


  • In ‘live chats’, mute your microphone when other people are talking 
  • In ‘live chats’ turn your camera off if you don’t need to be seen by your teacher 
  • Turn off notifications and set your iPad to Do not disturb  during learning time 
  • Use your headphones when listening to videos 
  • Use polite and courteous digital language 
  • Ask you family for permission before recording, taking photographs or participating in a ‘live chat’. 

Be Safe 


  • Any images, videos or work created or shared by the school may only be used for schoolwork. It may not be posted on social media (Facebook, Instagram etc) 
  • Respect the privacy of others – request permission to film, record or join live meetings telling others in the ‘room’ that you are recording. 
  • Only correspond with people with whom you should be speaking to during learning. 
  • Only access work your teacher or parent accesses. 
  • If something inappropriate appears turn off your screen and tell an adult 
  • Inform a parent or teacher if something makes you feel uncomfortable 
  • Never give out personal details of yourself or your family and teachers 
  • Take regular breaks away from the screen – see your family’s schedule 
  • Be aware that all ‘chats or videos are seen by your teacher or principal 


Use technology for learning not play 


  • During learning time only use Seesaw and Zoom 
  • Use the apps as direct by your teacher 
  • Be prepared to share your work with your class 
  • Only upload clear photos and videos of your work. Make sure they don’t have other things in the background such as an address 
  • Only post work to Seesaw that your teacher has asked for 
  • Set your iPad to ‘Do not disturb’ during learning time 


Appropriate Care for Technology 


  • Be gentle with your device and headphones 
  • Ensure your iPad is charged each evening so you can learn without interruptions 
  • Don’t eat or drink near your iPad or device 


Developing a Growth Mindset! 
  • Wake up with enough time to get dressed and eat breakfast before you need to check in with your teacher on Seesaw/Zoom 


  • Pack your snack box for the day and fill your water bottle 


  • At 8.30am log into Seesaw and watch your teacher’s video. 


Your Learning Space 


  • Make a set place in your house to complete your schoolwork 
  • Make sure there is a clock in your workspace 
  • If you are using a shared space, make sure it  quiet, use your headphones and there is an appropriate background when you are recording videos or attending a video chat class 


Your presentation 


  • Get dressed in clothes each morning signalling to your brain it is time to learn. Wearing your school shirt will help. 
  • If you are in a video chat or preparing a video, ensure you are wearing appropriate clothes. 

Your resources 


  • Have your learning pack ready 
  • Ensure your device/iPad is fully charged and logged into your school apps 
  • Use headphones if possible 
  • Only use school apps during schoolwork time – Seesaw and Zoom 
  • Disable notifications from Facebook and Instagram 


Your Time 


  • Use your time wisely – complete the work for each day 
  • Remember to submit work on time so that your teacher can provide feedback 
  • Check Seesaw before asking a question – the solution to your problem may have already been posted. 

Your Well Being 


  • Take regular breaks from your learning – check your family schedule 
  • Remember the 20/20/20 rule – every 20 mins. Look at something 20ms away for 20 secs. 
  • Drink lots of water  
  • Help prepare the meals 
  • Remember to move!  Get lots of physical exercise and go outside and play! 
  • Prepare your water bottle and snack box in the morning as if you are going to school. 


Your Manners 


  • Only use polite, kind and helpful language when talking to others online. If you wouldn’t say it in person at school don’t write it  


  • Mute your microphone in Zoom unless you are been spoken to. 
  • Submit work that is neat and legible. Your teacher needs to be able to read it! 
  • Mathematics work must be laid out neatly, in the hierarchy columns and show all steps you have taken to do the work. 
  • Crop photographs before submitting them 

Casa Mia Montessori – age appropriate chores 

Under 5 

Put dirty clothes directly into laundry 

Help sort dirty clothes into darks, colours and white piles 

Put salt and pepper on table 

Help dust 

Help feed the pet 

Pick up toys 

Make bed, remember it can be perfectly imperfect 

Tidy bedroom 

Tidy toys 

Get the mail 

Help wash the car 

Help fold tea towels 

Age 8 -10 

All above, plus: 

Peg washing on the line 

Take washing offline 

Fold washing 

Put away their own washing 

Put rubbish in the outside bin 

Put out the bin on collection day 

Sweep patio 

Wipe bathroom sink 

Help with cooking dinner 

Use a handheld stick vac to clean small floor areas 

Pull weeds from garden 

Run own shower or bath 

Age 10 and beyond 

Load and turn on washing machine 

Change sheets on bed 

Clean toilet 

Clean bathroom 

Clean mirrors 


Cook simple meals 

Clean car 

Clean the fridge 

Clean and declutter kitchen bench 

Wash the dishes 

Make lunches 

Clean pool 

Pick up pet business in backyard 

Take pet for a walk 

Baking for snacks and lunch 


Age 5-7 

All above, plus: 

Put dirty clothes into correct laundry sorting basket 

Unpack dishwasher 

Feed the pet 

Help put away groceries 

Help fold washing 


Set the table 

Water plants 

Clean inside of car 

Sweep outside path and driveway 

Answer the telephone 

Pack the day’s snacks into a container 


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