Parents and Friends

The success of an independent private school depends on the involvement of parents both in supporting their children’s education experience and in fostering a fraternity that mirrors the micro communities in each class, the macro community of the whole school and envelopes both layers with a community mantle, so to speak.

The Parent & Family have a key role in developing the community of parents, students and staff by:

  • Supporting in the maintenance of a high standard of education.
  • Nurturing and promoting the good, positive contribution of families and schools.
  • Supporting and encouraging families as the basic unit of our community.
  • Promoting positive home/school/ community relationships & partnerships.
  • Enhancing appropriate educational provision at all ages and stages of children’s development.

The Parent & Family is the key parent group in the school. It provides a forum for parents to:

  • Work closely with the Principal and staff.
  • Support the Board and its policies.
  • Collaborate with the Principal in determining the priorities for the disbursement of funds raised by the P&F
  • Provide opportunities for social interaction and for parents to form supportive networks.

The P&F through its elected committee organises various functions throughout the year. These events can include family nights and the annual community meal after the Graduation Concert

The P&F can be contacted by email on

Or alternatively ask a member of staff to introduce you to a committee member. You can also connect on Facebook.